Tea Garden Safari

Being a hill station, weather at Munnar is always cool and pleasant. You can plan your holiday trip all around the year.

Munnar is a real example of natural beauty and rich heritage. It has something special to offer for every traveller right from colonial buildings to historic Munnar Mono Rail, amazing view of the tea plantation and the flower plantation amidst the beautiful valleys. The picturesque view of the mountain and the hills covered with lush greenery gives a cool and calm feeling to the travellers. People across the states come to Munnar to witness the wide stretch of tea plantation in the valleys till your eyesight can reach. 

To experience the tea plantation closely and to take some amazing moments with you in the form of photographs you can go for a jeep safari across the plantation area. On your safari trip to the plantation, you can see bushes of tea trees with the tiny leaves all around grown in a systematic fashion. These tea leaves are either hand-picked as for the more delicate tea plants or with a plucking device. Then these picked leaves are taken into the factories to get processed and get the end result as the tea powder we use in our daily households. Your safari trip to the tea plantation ends when you visit the factory to see the processing of the tea. While you enjoy the entire journey of tea plantation and tea factory you can take thousands of photos in the tea garden.