Combating Covid-19


The Panoramic Getaway after extensive research has put together a well thought out system to keep the Covid-19 pandemic out of our premises . It is a multi -pronged approach using technology with specific human intervention and dissemination of information on what to do and what not to.

THE CORE IDEA IS TO MAKE THE CHECK IN -STAY-TO CHECKOUT PROCESSES AS CONTACTLESS AS POSSIBLE by adopting e-check in methods, taking temperature readings , sanitizing baggage, and using of UV boxes to sanitize small articles like passports, key cards , pens etc. Certain measures have been taken in and outside the hotel that will substantially improve our ability to fight the pandemic and keep it at bay.

Its also known that the pandemic spreads through contaminated surfaces like door handles, lift control buttons, counter tops, railings etc the staff assigned for disinfecting these areas are constantly engaged in wiping down the spaces with the necessary disinfectant.

Masks and gloves take up a major part of our resistance and so they are widely used by the staff, and insisted on everyone else including guests. Housekeeping staff are specially trained in sanitizing the guest rooms using appropriate chemicals and wearing the protection themselves.

Sprayers with suitable chemicals are being used within and outside the hotel to augment air purity.

The FOODSENSE Restaurant and the lobby area are arranged in such a way that social distancing becomes imperative. Special pandemic related procedures are kept up in the kitchen in all aspects of food preparation. The stock is maintained in a UV lighted room for increased safety.

The idea of SANITZING the hands frequently has been given maximum priority by making the dispensers easily available throughout the building and to be used by both the guests and staff members. Needless to add that the dispensers are sensor operated.

Temperature readings of guests are taken before check in and only those with normal temperature are admitted inside. Similarly all staff members and visitors are screened for above normal temperature daily.

Updated and detailed cleaning checklists, including the use of professionally identified chemicals and agents for all areas, including laundry, are carried out.

All materials including GUEST LUGGAGE entering the hotel are sanitized through various means including extensive use of UV sanitizing equipment. Our hotel vehicles are sanitized frequently to ensure maximum protection to those who use them.

For all our advance reservations we would be requesting guests to complete most of the check-in formalities on line to make the process as contactless as possible. This include ID proof, filling up the Health Declaration Form etc.

Guest rooms will be kept empty for at least 24 hours before being sanitized and given to a new guest.

Wide use of QR codes in guest rooms, restaurant and Reception is to ensure a contactless experience for our guests there by reducing the risk of infection and saving of time.

COVID SAFETY MANAGER is entrusted with the duty of managing the various aspects of the protection programme and a group of dedicated personnel is available to him for this purpose.

100 % cooperation is expected from all guests and members of staff in our fight against the Covid -19 pandemic and at the same time ensuring an enjoyable holiday for our guests.