At the Panoramic Getaway ecological sensitivity and preservation are at the forefront of our concerns. To begin with we introduced processed rubber wood to manufacture our furniture saving a large number of trees in the process. This particular wood isn’t wood in the real sense but manufactured industrially using rubber pulp and bonded together to finally give the strength and durability of Teak wood.

The next to go for was the Sun. Utilizing the solar energy to produce hot water is no new idea but to use specially made solar panels with the capacity of five panels and use it in tandem with highly energy efficient 2nd generation Heat Pumps is another. This hybrid system easily produces all the hot water the hotel needs effortlessly and efficiently.

The Panoramic Getaway is also in constant touch with the community staying nearby and its gates are always open to them. We are alive to our social responsibility and the need to provide employment opportunities and sustenance to the not so privileged.We were determined from the start to not to let any sort of waste go out of our campus and it’s a matter of great happiness to announce that it’s mission accomplished. The following machineries do the trick for us. Sewage treatment plant to purify the water that is used for drip irrigating the Tea Garden, High intensity fuel less incinerator for taking care of the non-degradable waste, Large Bio-gas plant to produce cooking gas and at the same time process the degradable waste to harmless slurry and the oil separator to take care of the effluents from the kitchen. All of these leave the campus free of waste and make us feel responsible to the environment around us.

We are now engaged in designing and setting up of a Poly house to grow vegetables in-house to be utilized in our own kitchen in a fully organic way. It is also worth mentioning that several thousand trees and plants were planted in the campus and all those are being taken care of on a day today basis. In certain parts natural vegetation is being allowed to grow without any interference.