Types of Ayurvedic massages in Munnar with their benefits

Ayurvedic massage is getting more and more popular these days. Ayurvedic massage treatments are done using essentials oils which work as a pain reliever by increasing the blood circulation and revitalise the entire body, mind & spirit.
Today we will see 3 best types of traditional Kerala Ayurveda body massages & treatments that one can indulge in when in Kerala.

Abhyanga , a full body ayurvedic oil massage is designed in such a way that pressure is applied to the body’s pressure points which stimulate different energy centers. The medicated hot herbal oils enter deeply into the individual skin while relaxing the mind & soul. As it heals & brings comforts, it also brings out the glow on one’s skin.
Health benefits from abhyanga massage include maintaining musculoskeletal and nervous system health, increased longevity, improved sleep patterns, relief from stress, muscular tension, stiffness, pain and swelling and so on.

‘Dhara’ means stream. Shirodhara is a skull massage where herbal or medicated oil is poured in the form of a stream on the receivers scalp area to stimulate the nerves.
A session of Shirodhara treatment relieves headaches, stress and strain, insomnia, chronic headache, anxiety, enhances clarity and focus & dismisses mental fatigue.

One of a kind tissue-nourishing treatment which is done using small rice poultices of highly nutritious rice called ‘Njavara’ to deliver a relaxing & amazing experience. This massage nourishes the muscles, improves their tone and imparts longevity to the receiver.

If you planning a holiday at Munnar, then do stay with us. Our spa facility ‘Tattvam’ offers different types of traditional Kerala ayurvedic body massages & treatments which include Abhyanga, Njavarkijhi, Shirodhara and more.