HIGH Tea in the clouds…!

Travellers love Munnar for its serene atmosphere, greenery and the like. They find this land prettier than Switzerland, Scotland and many other beautiful lands combined. Having spent a couple of decades here and still not tired of the beautiful world around me I can see why.
It’s nothing but the omnipresent colour of green that gets our visitors floored. Green represents life..energy..and growth. Concrete and glass do just the opposite of these positives. So one gets put off by it over some time. Pure white snow, on the other hand, is a thing of beauty, to begin with, but slowly makes you dull because it does not have any life in it.
For the largest period of our existence of 4.5 million years on this planet, the human race has spent most of their time in the woods…inside nature, making a living. So coming to visit Munnar, the very epicentre of throbbing life that sends out positive vibes all around… the “jungle man” in a tourist is instantly awakened.
Now there lies an unknown ( not widely known) secret here. A place that is made of something spectacular. A place that is the culmination of all of Munnar’s beauty.
It transcends time and space so beautifully that the lucky few who have visited the place have come back awestruck. The memories of their trip to this outlandish landscape etched in their hearts and minds forever.
I am talking about the Kolukkumalai Tea estate, about 7500 ft above sea level, the pinnacle of Nature’s beauty and Man’s pride. It’s also the highest tea field in the world.
William Wordsworth would have been the ideal person to describe the journey to its top where one of the oldest factories making orthodox tea is also situated. Nature is in a kind of whirlwind here with clouds appearing and disappearing at the blink of an eye. The rugged landscape and the strange-looking peak that provides the perfect background adds to the aura.
The reward for making the trip…? A cup of genuine high altitude tea.
After the stomach-churning four-wheel drive of an hour, one might as well need it to calm down.
So if you are planning for some offbeat vacation with family or friends, come to Munnar & explore the scenic views of Kolukkumalai Tea estate & to experience the special flavour tea!