‘Wild encounters’ in Munnar – Munnar Wildlife Sanctuaries(2020)

One of the most beautiful hill-stations in Kerala, Munnar is home to varied exotic species of flora and fauna.

Being a famous tourist spot at a height of fifteen hundred meters, Munnar is a paradise on earth with lots to offer in terms of exploring nature, wildlife, wilderness. If you are a wild-life enthusiast, then these wildlife spots in Munnar are sure going to be a treat for you.

Eravikulam National Park

This 97 sq. km national park is one of its kind and a protective hub for the endangered Nilgiri tahr and several other species of rare animals, birds and butterflies. Apart from other mammals, one can also spot lion-tailed macaques, gaur, Indian muntjac and sambar deer.
This national park in Munnar houses 132 species of birds which includes the black-and-orange flycatcher, Nilgiri pipit, Nilgiri wood pigeon, white bellied shortwing, Nilgiri flycatcher and Kerala laughingthrush.
Recently a new species of frog has been found in this park. Scientists have named this species as Raorchestes resplendens.
Capture amazing shots with your camera lens as you get to see the magnificent view of the tea plantations covered with blankets of mist and not forgetting the incredible flowering of Neelakurinji where the hill slopes turn into a carpet of blue.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to the great grizzled squirrel species, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Idukki district is an ideal spot for trekkers. One can also encounter star tortoise, tufted grey langur, various birds and spider species like Tarantula.
This vast wildlife sanctuary of deciduous forests, riparian forest & grasslands in Munnar provides shelter to approximately 28 mammal species, 225 bird species, 52 reptile species, 14 fish species, 15 amphibian species, & 156 beautiful species of butterflies.
As far as flora is concerned, the sanctuary has approximately 1000 species of flowering plants with the nearby famous sandalwood forest which is a treat to visit. Also, the forest has a huge repository of medicinal plants. As you wander in this magnificent Munnar’s sanctuary, you might also come across ‘white bison of Manjampatti’, which is another significant species of Chinnar.
Some of the activities that tourists can do are river trekking, trekking to the cultural sites & nature trails.

Anamudi Shola National Park

The unique climate and perennial water sources are what makes Anamudi Shola National Park stand out.
This 7.5 square kilometer park is composed of southern subtropical hill forests, southern montane wet temperate forests and moist deciduous forests. Dense shola woods is the unique thing you will come across when you visit this natural habitat that houses 174 species of herbs and shrubs, 62 species of trees and around 40 species of climbers along with the wildlife that is bound to surprise you while your trek around this park.