Are you a Foodie? Try these 5 street foods of Munnar

The food of Kerala has always been on the top of the list of those who like the South Indian food. If we talk about Munnar, other than enchanting flora and fauna, Munnar has its own share of delectable street foods to pamper your taste buds.
From puttu to appams with stew, the diverse list of these street food items will make you want to taste more! Here’s the list of 5 best street food of Munnar

The Delicious Idiyappam with Egg Curry

Everybody loves their breakfast! and here’s an irresistible breakfast that every South Indian foodie crave for. Yes, the Delicious Idiyappam or some call it as String Hoppers.
Idiyappam or noolappam is made of rice flour, salt, and water and is often paired with lip smacking curries, egg/chicken/mutton/beef.

Appam with Stew

Appam or Palappam, as we fondly call has many names across the state. Some call it vellayappam, lace appam, and even it is a popular breakfast in Srilanka. A family breakfast by default which you will see served and enjoyed by locals especially on Sunday, Appam with vegetable or chicken stew is a soothing dish that will melt in your mouth and strike a mouthwatering flavor on your palate.

Kerala Style Beef Fry

This is one delicious yum combo that every South Indian Non-vegetarian will love! The beef is well cooked with ginger-garlic paste, mustard, and curry leaves, best to have with Kerala Parotha.
A true keralite delicacy that you mustn’t miss while you are in Munnar for Holidays

Puttu and Kadala Curry

Nutritious and tasty, The Puttu with Kadala curry is a must to try here, in Munnar. Known as the mascot of Kerala’s cuisine, puttu is a steamed rice cake made with coconut shavings. Puttu is mostly served with Kadala curry made with black chickpeas and local aromatic herbs and spices.

Kairali Thali

Specially curated for vegetarians, a typical Kairali thali is served on a banana leaf comprising vegetable pachadi (salad), tender coconut payasam , mixed vegetable stir fry, mixed vegetable thoran, puli enji, rice with sambhar and rasam, and other delicious food items.