Top Trekking Trails In Munnar for the adventurous you!

Imagine scaling to the top of the mountains and exploring the beauty & the glorious views of Kerala! Amazing isn’t it?!

Well….your excitement has a destination…Munnar! Yes, the magical hill station in God’s Own Country Kerala is the perfect spot to get on some breath-taking trekking trails to test your adrenaline and experience some astounding views of lush green tea plantations.

Here we bring you the top trekking trails in Munnar that you can plan on for your next vacation

Chokramudi Peak
This amazing peak is situated at 7,200 ft above sea level in the Eravikulam National Park. One can enjoy some scenic that comes with a delightful tea plantation visit.
This fun-filled trekking session goes for 4-5 hours and after reaching the peak one can catch the beautiful views of the Bison valley.
One can get on this expedition between 6 AM to 6 PM. Chokramudi is indeed a great experience and one of the incredible places to visit in Munnar.
Location: Idukki, Kerala 685565

Idukki Trek
When we talk about trekking in Idduki, you can experience tropical rainforests scenic country sides, majestic hills, spice plantations, grasslands, making the trekker in your jump with excitement.
The trek to idukki hills with push your physical and mental limits but in the end it will be worth it!
The climb in idukki mountain is steep, rough and you will have to suffer through mist pushing against the gravity but you will fall in love with the picturesque landscape and the scenic countryside while trekking here.
Don’t miss out this on your next visit!
Location: Idukki, Kerala 685565

Chummar is one of the loveliest hill towns of Kerala. It was initially developed to cultivate tea for trekker and nature lovers to stroll down through the tea gardens and enjoy the surreal beauty of Munnar.
Enjoy the magnificent views of the grasslands meadows and the Shola forest. You will see miles covered in lush green tea gardens and get a whiff of the peculiar fragrance of tea leaves. This is one of the best treks in Munnar.

Kannan Devan Hills
This famous Munnar trek is set amidst the natural beauty & needs an expert guide to stroll down the passages. Walk through the tea plantation for about half an hour to reach the paramount of Lakshmi hills. Camping tour in Munnar along with the ridge of the hill with slopes of the rocky mountain on one side and tea plants on the other. Once there, you can get a glimpse of the Idukki dam—the highest arch dam in Asia. Explore the exotic spice zone of Munnar.

Walk to the Chithirapuram bridge through the tea estates and you will fall in love with the Ramaswamy Dam waterfall. Pepper, betel nut, Guava, Vanilla are some of the planting species that you will encounter while strolling through this beautiful trek. Capture pictures of hilly slopes, the mountains filled with greenery and the plantation areas as the topography of these landscapes will leave you awestruck. This is one of the most opted Munnar trekking places by many travelers.

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